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Ad-hoc: Jubii Europe N.V. (i.L.): Liquidation distribution and delisting

Zeit: 18.06.21 14:03

Ad hoc announcement

Liquidation distribution and delisting

The liquidator of the assets and liabilities of Jubii Europe N.V. in liquidation (in liquidatie) (ISIN NL0000233195) (the Company) intends to make a final liquidation distribution to the shareholders of the Company on 25 June 2021 in the amount of € 0,022204384 per each outstanding registered AA and AB share or bearer share B of the Company with a nominal value of € 0,01 each. The amount shall be paid to those shareholders who are registered as holders of the Company's share on the evening of 24 June 2021.

As of the conclusion of 22 June 2021 the trading of the Company's bearer shares at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange will be firstly suspended.

Following the aforementioned liquidation distribution on 25 June 2021 the Company will cease to exist and will be deregistered from the Dutch Commercial Register. After the Company's deregistration from the Dutch Commercial Register has taken place the Company will be delisted from the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Shareholders who are required to pay taxes are advised to contact a tax consultant concerning the treatment of the liquidation distribution.

Jubii Europe N.V. in liquidation

Haarlem, The Netherlands, June 18, 2021

Wertpapiere zu dieser Nachricht

Name Börse Vortag Erster Hoch Tief Letzter Volumen Zeit %
Jubii Europe N.V.B EO-,01 Frankfurt 0,022 0,021 0,022 0,021 0,022 34.479 22.06.21

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